2017 Challenge Guidelines:
  1. If you are interested in the Challenge, Please see Dorothy Smulders for your "challenge" package For $3. It contains  a piece of fabric and gems.
    • The $3 is returned to you when you hand in your quilt on Quilt Show day.
    • The quilt challenge is open to all members in 'good standing'.
  2. Each quilt must contain some of these materials. The rest you supply yourself.
  3. Theme:
    • In keeping with our show title your Quilt should be your interpretation of what “Reflections” means to you.   It could be a mirror,  or what you reflect on when quilting. 
    • Please tell us your Story: - send an email  to Dorothy with your information and story so.
  4. Size:
    • The finished project/quilt should have a minimum perimeter of 42 inches to a maximum of 172 inches.  
  5. Label/Hanging Sleeve:
    • There should be a cover label on the reverse.  The label includes your name and possibly the story. Then "cover"  the label, so the viewers do not know 'who' made the quilt. 
    • We would like you to give a narrative about your project that can be displayed on the front.  This should not include your name.
    • Sleeve -- not required
  6. Drop-off/Pick Up:
    • Quilt Day: Friday, 20th Octocber, 2017
    • Please put your quilt in to a brown bag, or similar to be given to Dorothy Smulders.
    • The time will be confirmed closer to show date.


If you have any questions please contact Dorothy 


Reflections, Our Treasured Quilts

Dates: Friday 20th & Saturday 21st, October 2017  

Guild Quilt Show Challenge

What is a Challenge:  Any quilt made meeting the criteria set as the guild challenge for the show. The winner is choosen based on Viewer's Choice.