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Reflections, Our Treasured Quilts

Dates: Friday 20th & Saturday 21st, October 2017  

Quilt Show 2017 Registration of Quilts & Labels:  
Do you have Quilts to show? And they have not been shown in other quilt shows?
YES! Well, we  would love to hang them for you. Just complete one of the attached forms (one per quilt), and return them to Lynn Garby by the 15th October, 2017
  1. You have a choice of using
    • there is a Word Document that is 'Formatted' which makes it easier to complete.    Click here.   If you get a security message, it is your PC set up. Either ignore or refer to your email sent on the 15March for the woed document, or ask Lori to resend it to you. 
    • Option 2: hand writing your information on this form Printing this Form-PDF.  
    • Just click on Blue form you wish to use
  2. Each item must have its own separate registration.  You may have as many entries as you wish.
  3. Depending on the numbers and sizes of items received, it may not be possible to hang all items on the frames Check the “hung only “ box only if it this applies to this item.
  4. Member submitting quilts for the quilt show need to be in ‘Good Standing’ as at 30th September, 2017.
  5. Hanging Sleeve Instructions


We look forward to showing your quilts.